EV+ Operator

EV+ provides a premium operating service for charging systems fully-owned by properties.

Who is this for?

Properties that prefer to own chargers themselves, new developments or properties with assigned parking.


What does EV+ offer?

EV+ helps design the perfect system to meet your properties current and future charging needs, offering a selection of industrial grade chargers and then operates the chargers on your behalf. Properties are responsible for supplying infrastructure and installing the system.

What’s included in EV+ Operator

Networking & connectivity for 99% uptime

App & QR-code enabled payments

24/7 remote troubleshooting

Revenue & payment management

24/7 phone and in-app customer service

Trusted partner to guide you through the process

I just bought chargers, what’s next?

To utilize your chargers, you’ll need an operating system. This allows you to network the chargers, charge customers, offer customer service and 24/7 monitoring. Without this service, chargers will have to rely on Wi-Fi connection to stay online and you won’t be able to accept payments or leverage the critical management and user functionality.