EV+ App

The Best Charging Experience for Drivers

Charge with 5 Easy Steps

1. Locate an EV+ Charging Station

The EV+ app will help you locate a station near you.

2. Park in a Designated Charging Car Space

Safely park at your selected charging station.

3. Download the App or Scan the QR Code

Either open the EV+ App, select the station you are parked at, and click Start to authenticate the station. Or simply scan the QR code on the device to begin.

4. Plug in the Charger

Take the connector from the charging station and place it in your vehicle’s charging port.

5. Finish your charge

When you’re finished, simply remove the charger from your charging port and place it back into the station holster. Your charging session will end and you are ready to go!

Our App Allows Easy Payment and Use from Drivers

Find Charging Locations

Pay with your preferred payment method

Charge Instantly

Review Charging Activity

Make reservations

Access loyalty plans

Driver FAQ

How can I find a station?
EV+ operates many stations across the continental US. You can find all stations on the EV+ Network here (add link to map of chargers), or via the EV+ app.
Do I need an app/account to use the chargers?
We offer a guest checkout option where no app or account is needed. The app provides more features and is better/faster for tenants using the chargers on an ongoing basis.
How do I pay for the service?
Single time users can pay by credit or debit card via the QR code printed on the machine. Regular users (e.g., tenants, frequent guests) can store their payment information via our app.
How expensive is it to charge my car?

Just like gas, charging an EV isn’t free. You should expect to pay $12-$25 per charge, which is still usually cheaper than gas. We aim to offer the lowest cost charging for you in your local area. 

Is my car compatible with EV+ stations?
EV+ charging stations are compatible with the widely adopted NACS standard, covering the majority of electric vehicles. If your car uses the CCS standard you’re able to use an adapter to charge.
How far can I drive an EV on a full battery?

Most EV cars today have batteries capable of storing 60 – 90 kW, capable of driving up to 300 miles.

Do I need to pay for the app/account?
Creating and maintaining a user account with EV+ is free.
How fast are EV+ chargers?
For most systems, drivers will be fully charged within 3-5 hours depending on the car. The charging speed depends upon the property type and expected use cases, but we specifically prioritize higher-speed Level 2 charging (11.5 and 19.2 kW chargers). When needed, our system automatically balances tenants’ energy requirements with the complex operational demands of the property.
What are the different types of chargers?
There are three types of chargers: Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3. Level 1 chargers take 10-12 hours to charge, and are typically only found in residential homes. Level 2 chargers offer a full charge in 2-6 hours and are typically found in public places, such as parking garages, hotels, and retail sites. Level 3 chargers, or DC fast chargers, can charge a battery in 30-45 minutes and are found in highly trafficked areas.

Within each Level of charger, there are varying qualities by manufacturer and varying amperage (resulting in the timing range). EV+ only installs high quality, commercial grade Level 2 chargers at 48 or 80 amps.