What does EV+ do?
EV+ owns and manages the entire process of EV-enabling commercial real estate properties, from design and permitting through to revenue management and operation. EV+ is the easiest way to add charging to your property. EV+ is a completely outsourced solution designed for multi-family apartments, hotels and workplaces.
Where do you install your chargers?

EV+ focuses on hotels, multi-family properties, office spaces and hospitals. EV+ intelligently analyzes a multitude of factors before installing chargers on a site. EV+ designs tailored charging systems for eligible properties based on EV charging demand at the site, local EV-penetration rates, property demographics and available grants and rebates, with the goal to ensure the system is cost-effective and future proof for the property.

How much does it cost to the property?
EV+ aims to cover 100% of costs to the property. During the initial installation phase however, the property may incur some costs depending on site-specific demand and available grants. Once up and running, there are zero operating, electricity or maintenance costs. EV+ additionally shares back a portion of the profits, so the property has a new income stream.
What types of chargers do you install?
EV+ installs high quality, dependable Level 2 chargers that can provide a full charge in 2-6 hours. Our chargers are either 48 or 80-amp with an NACS plug type. EV+ undergoes a comprehensive site audit at each property to determine the appropriate amp level.
How do you decide how many chargers are needed?
EV+ determines an initial number of chargers to satisfy demand today, through property-specific demand modeling. Also, EV+ will build out additional electrical infrastructure to easily add chargers later to satisfy demand over a 10 year period.
How long does it take to install the chargers?
Installations generally only take 3 to 8 days, but can vary depending on the level of additional infrastructure needed to be added to the property. The majority of time is spent in permitting and grant processes specific to each municipality, resulting in most installations occurring within 3-6 months post agreement.
How do customers use the chargers?
Customers can use the chargers via downloading our app or QR code found on the charger itself. For customers charging more frequently, we recommend downloading the app for a quicker checkout and to receive the perks within our loyalty program. RFID tags are also available for valet services or more closely monitored parking.
What happens if something breaks?

EV+ earns money through the use of chargers, their incentives are aligned to have chargers online and users happy. EV+ remotely monitors the systems 24/7, meaning they know before anyone else if there is an issue. If the issue cannot be resolved remotely (firmware or software fix), EV+ sends a technician out to the site and to replace the unit within 24-48 hours.

How can I see how much electricity the chargers are using?
Electricity usage is always visible through a customized management dashboard. EV+ also provides rolled-up dashboards for clients that manage and/or own multiple properties.
Is it possible to only allow my tenants to use the chargers?
Yes. Our management software has built-in access control features providing EV+ and the property manager authority over user admittance. EV+ can also provide guest usage passes to important visitors.
Is installing EV charging stations for my property necessary?
Nearly every major car company has announced certain dates when they’re going to stop developing internal-combustion engines. Most will do so between 2030 and 2040. Properties that do not offer electric vehicle charging will be increasingly disadvantaged as the EV population increases. Electric vehicle charging is no longer an amenity, it is a necessity. In addition, the revenue generated from the charging stations can be accretive to the property NOI.
Do you only install in existing properties?
No. EV+ can work with property owners to EV-enable upcoming or current builds.
How do our services differentiate from a manufacturer and/or the network provider?
Operating a charging business on site is a complicated and expensive undertaking. Most companies offer varying components of the system. For qualifying properties, EV+ is a full service, turnkey program that starts from design and planning, to installing, and operating the system. EV+ assumes responsibility, most costs, and offers the property a passive income stream.
How do property owners get paid?

You’ll receive quarterly payments that cover the cost of the electricity consumed by the chargers plus the property’s share of the revenue, all via ACH.

How do I start the process of installing electric car charging stations in my multifamily complex, condo, community development, hotel and/or office building?
Please submit your property information at this link or email us directly with your site address and we will schedule a call at your earliest convenience.