Case Study

Class A Multi-family in New England Suburb


  • EV+ partnered with property management to understand parking dynamics and current electrical infrastructure
  • EV+ designed system to place chargers on two separate floors of garage to provide easy access to tenants
  • System designed with excess infrastructure to support 10-year demand


  • Property owned by global CRE firm (~800K multi-family units and ~$70B AUM)
  • Class A property with 200 units and significant amenities
  • Dedicated multi-story parking garage with 400 spaces and two existing chargers
  • Existing chargers frequently having issues with reliability and going offline (regular tenant complaints)


  • Installed 2 48-amp (11.5 KwH) chargers in cluster 1
  • Installed 4 48-amp (11.5 KwH) chargers in cluster 2
  • Added new 200-amp panel
  • Provisioned room for additional 6 chargers
  • Replaced two existing faulty chargers
  • Chargers both pedestal mount and attached to the wall (dependent on parking space positioning)
  • Chargers all with cable retraction, full signage and smart load management
  • Total project from contract to activation in 4 months, with a 3-day installation