Case Study

75 Hotels Across 25 States

Strategic Portfolio Approach

  • Tailored Prioritization: EV+ and client segmented properties into three strategic groups for focused rollouts.
  • Data-Driven Planning: Selection based on EV usage trends, property size, growth forecasts, funding opportunities, demographics, and property category.
  • Efficient Deployment: Coordinated with national partners for a systematic 15-month implementation timeline.


  • Strategic Alliance: Collaboration with a major $3B CRE Developer specializing in hospitality.
  • Extensive Reach: Managing ~15,000 keys within a diverse 75-hotel portfolio across 25 states.
  • Diverse Hospitality: Ranging from destination resorts to suburban select services.

Customized Property Implementation

  • Personalized Management: Worked hand-in-hand with property managers to assess and address unique infrastructure needs.
  • Unique Solutions: Custom-designed EV charging solutions for each property, considering type, usage patterns, and guest preferences.
  • Swift Installation: Quick and efficient installations, typically completed in 2-8 days for minimal disruption.