Case Study

5 – Star Texas Urban Hotel


  • EV+ worked with property management to align on best spots for charging
    • Chargers placed near entrance in “2nd best” spots
    • Chargers also placed with future expansion and ADA accessibility in mind
  • EV+ designed 6+10 system, with 6 initial chargers and room for 10 additional as demand grows
    • Installed two 80-amp (19.2 KwH) chargers to support restaurant guests with faster charging needs
    • Installed four 48-amp (11.5 KwH) chargers for hotel guests
    • Added 400-amp panel to support increased electrical needs
    • All chargers dual-pedal mounted with cable retraction, full signage, and smart load management
  • Installation done in 3 days, with nearby flower bed in-between chargers and electrical room untouched


  • Top 3 US hotel brand
  • 5-star hotel located outside downtown of major Texas city in a high-end shopping district
  • 250-key hotel with popular restaurant and coffee shop
  • Hotel also popular for business conventions and business travelers
  • Open-surface 350-space parking area with unassigned parking and no existing EV charging